And who is Norma? In fact she is related to me as a favorite second cousin, but she is also my wife Lena´s best friend who she has met several times during the last thirty years.

I have a great family tree containing Norma´s family relations to a lot of relatives all over Sweden and the US but with a start point sometimes at the 17th century in the parish of Kyrkas, Jamtland, Sweden (at the same latitude as Trondheim in Norway).

The family tree for many local familys is here.Norma´s family from Kyrkas. A short abstract about Normas´s Grandgrandpa Hans Andersson(member of Sw Parliament 1870-1890) can be found as EnglishSummary.

Ýou will find an input to Norma´s family with side notes in English, if you look for and click on Norma´s grandpa <Hans Hansson 1861 - 1945> in the left side column at the family tree.

On the right side above you will get a table with clickable names backwards to ancestors Far(Father) and Mor(Mother).

Hans Hansson is the name of Normas´s Grandpa. His experienses from two journeys to America he has written down in a couple of letters which are translated into English in AmericaFever.

Jonas,Ante and Hans Hansson 1869 8-years old Hans Hansson to the right with two elderly brothers.

I would like to see this site as a blog were readers can ask questions and put in complementary information, so you are very welcome to ask for more of translated old Swedish language that Google can´t make it to

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